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“Queer landscapes” have been tangentially discussed in terms of gendered and political space, or in terms of spaces that cater to queer communities, like parks, bathhouses, and bars, where subcultures can gather, socialize, and, often, cruise, in the otherwise straight world around them. These discussions often ignore any discussion of the style or aesthetics employed in the actual design of these spaces, especially when it comes to landscape. Architectural form is sometimes identified as queer (an example of such work is the book Stud: Architectures of Masculinity, edited by architect Joel Sanders, which includes essays from Lee Edelman, D.A. Miller, and George Chauncey, all queer theorists), but queer landscapes are overlooked. This gap is the reason this project was born. As a basis for evidence, we start with queer theory to form our argument. But as the project expands, other sources will be considered.

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