Garden at the Institute for Child and Adolescent Development

TYPE: Feeling Over Function
DESIGN: Claude Cormier + Associes
LOCATION: Montreal (Quebec), Canada

The award-winning design for the garden at the Institute for Child and Adolescent Development by Reed Hilderbrand is an example of such landscape. Completed in 1998, this evocative design features a narrow ribbon of water that winds through the site—seemingly with a life of its own. The organization of neatly trimmed lawn as a base-plane, with mounds of softer grasses and clumps of trees and shrubs strategically scattered throughout, creates musicality as you move through. The firm describes the project as “intensively inward-oriented” and “an early […] articulation of Reed Hilderbrand’s belief that gardens can engender emotional well-being and help us understand our individual place in larger natural and cultural orders.”

Reed Hilderbrand, Institute for Child and Adolescent Development, 1995-1998